Ndoto:"A Story of Urban Hopes and Dreams"

Life in this jungle called Nairobi is hard. What? With the ever rising prices of fuel and basic food comodities?.. So many people come to the city seeking a better life, a new beginning. Only to be hit by the bitter reality of how life in Nairobi is a survival for the fittest.
But. We all hold on to that hope, that we will make it. Someday. We have to.

From the makers of #twendelele and the creators of Mwenye Ndoto the album, Lele and Aziza present to you Ndoto. A story told in music, of the hopes and dreams of the urban dwellers living in Nairobi.

Date: 27th January 2012

Venue: Michael Joseph Centre, Safaricom House

Time:7:00pm - 9:00pm

Tickets: Ksh400(Gate), Ksh300 (advance)


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