Ma3 - Beba Beba launch @ Goethe

Ma3 (Maa-Three) is a 6-piece, quirky Afro Pop band from Nairobi that borrows its name from the inescapable public transport mini-vans that dot cities in Kenya and all over Africa.
In the two short years that Ma3 has been in existence, the band has headlined two of the biggest festivals to grace Nairobi, i.e. the Spread the Love Festival with Kirk Franklin and Nairobi Kinanda Arts Festivalfeaturing Freshly GroundKwani LitFest and Shukas N Juice Concert.
Ma3’s  sound is that of young, contemporary, urban Africa; mixing soulful English /Swahili lyrics with spell binding guitar riffs built on a solid rhythm section. Ma3’s music is definitely up your alley. Ingia Ndani ya Ma3! - Get inside the Ma3! via Goethe
Venue: Goethe Institut Nairobi (map)

Date: Saturday, November 12th

Time: 6:00pm

Entrance: Free


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