Video: Plan B - "Can Things Get Better?"

What’s the Plan?
Hello. We call ourselves Plan B.
Kenyans are bombarded daily by all sorts of issues: scandals, price hikes, unemployment, years of poverty, extremely petty politics, Twitter scandals and commissions that make reports that everyone ignores – all this comes to us through an institution of media which (if not distracted by their obsession with sex – enough already!) doesn’t necessarily ask the right questions.
Anyone looking at the current ‘youth leaders‘ would think that young people in Kenya are a rowdy, unfocused, naughty lot – not fit to lead anything.
What’s the plan? We’re trying to create a space where sensible young Kenyans can discuss the future of this country and how we can get better as a country. We believe that there are so many young people in this country who know what can be done, how things should be done – and we’re going to find them.
We’ve started off by asking young journalists, artists and activists who are movers in their fields for their opinions, and now we want your opinions. Can we afford mortgages? Do we have health insurance? Is it worth it? Do we think we can raise our own children in the current circumstances? Will we bother to vote again after the 2007/8 fiasco? You tell us.
We don’t have answers ourselves – if there are any answers, you probably already have them.
Can Things Get Better? Join the Conversation.
The Team.

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