Mixtape: Kudish! (The Sound of Soup)

A collection of remixes we've made since 2009 when we started doing live performances and DJ sets. Released on the occasion of "Kudishnyao!" - our second video art exhibition hosted by the Goethe-Institut Nairobi.
These remixes extend back to 2009, so there's some old music in here, hopefully it's still enjoyable. Recommended dosage: Gather 2 or more friends, pop this in and play it loudly in their direction. Observe.
released 14 April 2011
Remixes by Just A Band, featuring loads of samples of other people like Amani, Nonini, Kenrazy, DNA, Madonna (!), Daft Punk, Koop, Fergie, Kweku Ananse, Jua Cali, Soundstream and C+C Music 

Download here


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