Video Hits Package: 1.2.1 Dionne Farris - "Hopeless"

Believe it or not I have not thought much of music's quality since the early-mid 90's. Even as a teenager I thought the quality of music had really gone down, and there was not a lot of creativity/effort being put into its making anymore. That's why when I first heard this song I was really blown away and impressed. Even by the time of its release (1997) I felt music was already getting mad lame, that's why it really stood out to me. It is from the Love Jones movie soundtrack which I haven't watched since that period, ( might check that out again:) Anyway this is probably a top 20 song of the 90's for me. Enjoy!

(Two things I never knew until this post; I've always thought Randy Jackson  wrote the song, but Van Hunt wrote it, while Randy plays the bass guitar. Dionne Farris sung for Arrested Development, I didn't know that! cool)

If I was a musician serious about my work I wouldn't strive for a song any less than this.


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