Video: Muigwithania (Trailer)

MUIGWITHANIA (Understanding) is a new feature film produced by Wide Angle Visions Limited, a media production company of Kenya’s well-known cultural organisers Sailesh and Mehul Savani of Nairobi, Kenya.
It is a story set in a village in Central Province. The story follows two Mau Mau fighters on the run from the British Army, who take refuge in the home of an Asian shopkeeper. The story is about what happens in the night when the Mau Mau fighters have to interact with the Asian shopkeeper’s family and make their way out of the village, away from their pursuers- the British Army.
It is filmed in English, on actual locations used by the Mau Mau in Kabete area of Central Province (on the outskirts of Nairobi).

 Look out for this film premiering next week at Silverbird Cinemas. Support Kenyan arts!


  1. Sadly, this is not a good advertisement for the Kenyan film industry. Poor script, unprofessional acting and technical problems with focus and sound, made it difficult to watch.
    This would have benefitted greatly by outside help - the plot was promising but the delivery failed.


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