May God bless The Woman

As a man I have to say I doubt there is any greater creation God blessed this earth with than a woman. In my context I have to especially praise my black women who continue to excel, grow, praise, care, nurture and love despite the odds being stacked against them for centuries. They have especially supported the black man who some people have tried their best to destroy. But if it wasn't for the black woman's support, I don't know if the black man would have survived. We may have never had a Barack Obama without a Michelle.

Special shout out to Ann Njogu who recently won the International Women of Courage Award(IWOC) for her tireless work on women's issues. Another shoutout to Mo'Nique for her Oscar win for best supporting actress in the modern-day classic movie Precious.

Ann Njogu

BONUS: May God Bless The Woman, a poem


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