Music Seen! Andy Allo - "Unfresh"

  Unfresh is the debut album from new artist Andy Allo and is her attempt to get noticed among the crowded R&B/Neo-Soul genre. With so much talent in this genre it is sometimes hard to find the artists who are trying something different. With Unfresh Andy Allo manages to craft an album that will get repeated listens.  Andy sets out to make an album that mostly deals with love & relationships which she does in an honest way. This is a woman, who has seen the different sides of love and you sort of feel like she is reading words straight from her diary.
On the first song “Fly Away” however Andy raps, yes raps about hope amidst depression and loss what with the economy just barely recovering from a depression. The song doesn’t really feel like a triumphant anthem but sort of a “just hold-on” even with everything that’s going on.  “Come Home To Me” is the next song on the album and is a beautiful, smooth R&B track and is a song about trust with Andy telling her love interest she is not worried about what he’s up to in the daytime as long as he goes home to her at the end of it. On “I Want Love” a song that features some smoothed-put drum and piano Andy is talking about how love is the most important thing and all else are just formalities.
  “Hooked” is the first single from Unfresh and is how I first heard of Andy Allo. It is has a track that would not be out of place with India Arie on it, but fits perfectly for Andy’s sweet vocals. The song itself is self-explanatory with her talking about the person she can’t get out of her mind; cupid has definitely struck. “Unfresh” though a cool party track was not an absolute necessity for this album as I think Andy could have gone all the way mid to slow tempo with the disc. Andy shows her sweet, innocent vocals on the chorus of “Dreamland” a song featuring Californian underground rap star Blu. “Knew You At All” is one of the highlights of the album and is a straight acoustic guitar with Andy’s calm vocals. On the song Andy tries to figure out where the love that seemed from heaven went; she can’t figure out who this new person is who she was once in love with.
  “Conclusions” is my favourite song on the album and is a well-written song about suspicions that your love is not telling the full truth about his activities. She can’t communicate with him “this is how its gonna be/you talking on your phone, married to technology.” She is trying not to jump to conclusions but she is tired of the guessing-game and wants out, “falling to a deeper confusion/illusions of grandeur/my image of you is shattered.” The album closes with Stalker anotherup-tempo song that definitely need not have made the cut. Unfresh is a good debut from Andy Allo and is worth checking out if you are still yearning for new talent on the R&B/neo-soul scene.
::KC Rating:: 4 out of 5 stars

Andy Allo seems to be reading straight out of her diary on her debut album. A good gift for your significant other. 


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