The Imagine Co. presents NEXT LEVEL

What is Next Level

Next Level is a development program for visual and performing artists and writers. It gives artists an opportunity to experiment with, refine, and present their work to an audience, and provides arts critics a space to better their pieces. The program is unique in that four artists will have the rare opportunity to work on their pieces one-on-one with established and successful artists in their fields over a period of time. The writing portion is similarly small and focused, with space for only four people passionate about the arts. The program invites artists and writers in many fields including poetry, storytelling, music, theatre, photography and film.

Next Level is now selecting artists and writers for the program, which is free for participants. Talented writers and artists who have a story to tell and want to refine it should contact us at or download an application form from and submit it by Tuesday, August 4th.

The first ‘Next Level’ process and showcase is a project of the Imagine Company made possible through the support of Changamoto Arts Fund.

Next Level Contacts: 0733 675 028/ 0728 387 618


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