Just A Band "TRNSMSSN" Exhibit

Date: (START) Tuesday May 5th @11:00pm

(END) Saturday May 16th 2009 @6:00pm

Location: Goethe Institut, Monrovia St. Nairobi

Price: Free Entry

Description: Broken synthesizers and fragmented satellite broadcastsfrom the future provide a fictionalized Kenyan future;panicked astronauts, lovelorn puppets, a flying tortoise,the meaning of life, an experimental boy band and asprinkling of sparkly stuff...The Goethe-Institut Nairobi has commissioned Just A Band with works of video art for our first art show. The show will feature premieres of newmusic videos from Scratch To Reveal and oursoon-to-be-released second album - 82. Just A Band will mark the finissage with END_TRNSMSSN,a DJ set of our favorite house, electro,pop and funktunes!


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