Bupe new single launch

"When you believe that nothing significant can happen through you, you have said more about your belief in God than you have said about yourself." - Bupe
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls he's back like a rebound! Hip Hope Family's Christopher Bupe aka Bupe kicks off 2009 with a bang!! Officially dropping his 2nd single titled "Glorious" featuring Hip Hope Family's R&B princess Dee. Produced by the hit maker himself Ben "Gittx" Gitau, this club/church banger talks about the ever so magnificent presence of the Almighty! Bupe basically gives props/glory back to the maker in Hip Hope pro-flow over the kick, snare while Dee tops up a dish of vocal sweetness to a melodious string ochestration of praise!

Coming soon...stay tuned to ::KenyaChristian:: blog!


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