More Angela Chibalonza video's..


..and my favourite song of hers....
"Uliniumba Nikuabudu"


  1. Anonymous3/10/08 11:07

    it was a sad time when she passed away.she has been my role model for 5 years till i3 yrs 2004 , wen she came to nakuru i sent a letter sain dat"u r my role model------------".so my mam gave it 2 her and angela said "she will be like me".the nite before she died my mam had a dream of me in a wite cloth singing to a lot of pepole i think god was showing my mam that iwas goin to be more like was this year wen i had adream of her calling me, her eyes had fire,she had red lipstick.n my mam told me that she was in heven.evy time i do a mistake i remember her.i have ritten 23 songs most of it is kicongo.i know through the letter i rote i'll be more n more like her .i 2012 i plan to relase my album " asaali nini.(amefanya nini yahwe)" dat time i'll be 18. nzambe munene awabariki na hata familia yake. haleeeeeluuuuuyaaah!!!!!!!!


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