Kenyan Gospel duo- Bariki

Check out an interview that did with the talented duo of Bariki .

Tell us a little about yourselves

Yvonne - I’m at Catholic University doing social work. I’m about to finish.

Maryanne - I’m in ‘Air Travel and related studies school’ doing cabin crew studies. I’m also about to finish. Music means a lot to us, we love what we do. We are fun, social, and open minded people. We like talking to people, knowing people and talking about their challenges. We also counsel people when we get a chance. We are approachable although some guys might think we are not.

What do you call the music you do?

We are basically an R&B group but we are diverse so guys should expect to hear different kinds of music from us. We like trying out different genres of music.

You guys have been together for 8 years now, many groups have come and gone, how have you managed to keep the group together?

Our secret is based on the fact that we put our friendship before music. We’re not just associates. It goes beyond that. We hang out together, we pray together, we fast together, we basically do a lot together as friends. This strengthens our bond making it easy for ‘Bariki’ to remain strong.

I’ve watched your video on T.V and we think it’s hot. Tell me about it.

It’s done by Steve-O of Light Media and Icon Pro Productions (The guys who did the Public Mirror video for GidiGidi and Fundi Frank and the M.O.G video for Votaries). We thought of doing a video for our first public release (Leo ni Leo) which most guys identify us with. We wanted guys who listen to our music on radio be able to put a face to the voices.

Who do you admire in the gospel music industry?

Cece Winans - We admire her integrity, character and her zeal. She’s also a natural performer.

Stacie Orricco - She’s young and she’s someone we can identify with.

Fred Hammond - He’s just good.

Which artistes and producers would you like to work with?

Artistes- Webi, Eric Wainaina, Holydave and Astar

Producers- Kijiji Records, Chris Adwar, Robert Kamanzi (R-Kay) and Gittx

What don’t you like about the Kenyan Music Industry?

The first thing we don’t like is the level of piracy in Kenya. The concerned authorities should step up and deal with this issue before things get out of hand. Another thing we are not pleased with is the way most Kenyans listen to the common genres of music only. Guys need to start appreciating different genres of music. Radio presenters and DJs also need to start playing different genres of music. Lastly, another thing we don’t like is the way people invite you to perform at their concerts and the only thing they offer you is something like juice and biscuits or 200 shillings for fare.

When I look at you (both of you)…ummmh, you’re not bad looking, I mean you’re pretty. Do you get pressure from jamaaz , and if you do, how do you handle it?

Hahaha…Okay Yes we do. We are quite accommodating. (Maryanne takes a break to chat with someone on her phone while Yvonne grabs some digestive biscuits and soda). If guys approach us we don’t brush them off or anything. (Lets just lenga that question, I think it’s making ‘Bariki’ uncomfortable)

Plus, a video,(I really like this song.)

Plus, two new tracks from them.


Oh Mighty God feat. Holy Dave


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