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David Crowder Band is MSN's 2006 artist of the year!

January 12, 2007-- sixstepsrecords/Sparrow Records’ David Crowder Band has been selected as MSN’s Artist of the Year 2006. After being named July 2006’s Artist of the Month, the band was nominated alongside INXS, Prince, Christina Aguliera and Kenny Chesney for Artist of the Year. After leading on Dec. 21 with 77% of the more than 270,000 votes, the final tally gave the David Crowder Band the deciding vote as MSN noted, “They've single-handedly redefined what contemporary Christian music should sound like…and earned your vote for 2006's Artist of the Year.”

During the voting period, MSN also lauded David Crowder Band, saying, “While Crowder is unafraid to make direct and straightforward pledges to his savior, he seems extremely restless creatively and tries his hand at any style that suits him. Even Crowder's fans in the Christian music community had to be blown away by the album A Collision or (3+4=7), a literate, pensive and complicated album about death. It won the Dove Award for Best Rock Album, and has even secular fans wondering what’s up next.”

“Part of the beauty of Crowder's appeal is his passion to be in conversation with all of humanity, not just the narrow band that reflects the average Christian music listener,” says Louie Giglio, sixstepsrecords’ founder and popular speaker/author. “His whole approach risks the known and norm, while seeking to give voice to everyone longing for a connection with the Creator. We are happy to partner in such a venture as we continue to make the story of Christ's redemption accessible to all people.”

“David Crowder Band has always done a great job of meeting their fans where they live – and a lot of them live online,” notes Peter York, EMI CMG Label Group president. “The band excels at conveying their message to the world through this creative and interactive environment. It continues to cultivate loyalty and deepen their relationships with their fans. This recognition by and the show of support by their fans is just one more in a string of successes for the David Crowder Band in the world of digital media.”

The band’s A Collision was recognized last year by the editors of iTunes as one of the Top 100 Albums of 2005. The editors simultaneously picked the recording as their No. 1 favorite of 2005 in the inspirational category. The band also landed three top 10 musictones at, including the No. 1 position! Other artists on the chart included rappers T.I., Dem Franchize Boyz and others. During CMCentral’s 2nd Annual Music Awards ceremony last year, David Crowder Band was named both Artist and Worship Artist of the Year and A Collision was named both Album and Worship Album of the Year.

Not afraid to push musical boundaries, David Crowder Band released the widely acclaimed B Collision: The Eschatology of Bluegrass last summer. The album follows the path of A Collision, which has been widely regarded as one of the best albums of 2005, receiving five-star reviews and comparisons to groundbreaking albums of the past and artists such as The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Hank Williams. Lauded by Billboard, Washington Post, Knight-Ridder, Dallas Morning News, Relevant, CCM, etc., A Collision also debuted at No. 39 on the Billboard Top 200, became an iTunes No. 1 hit and launched the top 10 R&R hit singles, “Wholly Yours,” “Here Is Our King” and the current single ascending the charts, “Foreverandever, Etc.” The album further garnered GMA Music Award honors for Best Rock/Contemporary Album and Best Rock/Contemporary Song (“Here is Our King”).

Capturing the attention of such significant media as the New York Times, CNN, FOX News and more, David Crowder Band was the first Christian artist to foster a partnership with M-Audio/Propellerhead’s Reason software and Crowder is the namesake behind premiere guitar maker Tom Anderson Guitarworks’s Crowdster Acoustic and the DCB-inspired guitar, The Atom. An engaging headliner, David Crowder Band has also toured with Michael W. Smith, MercyMe and Third Day, as well as continues to be a featured band at the enormously popular collegiate Passion gatherings. The band also makes it a point to get back to the church they helped found, University Baptist Church, on most Sundays.

Crowder is further an acclaimed author, penning his second and highly personal book, Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, But Nobody Wants to Die: Or (The Eschatology of Bluegrass), in which the groundbreaking musician explores the relationship between death, life, grief and community—a quest that was compounded by the sudden, accidental death of his friend and pastor, Kyle Lake.


  1. Anonymous26/1/07 22:52

    I attended a concert of theirs in conjuction with of course, the greatest, THIRD DAY!!! and manze it was off the hook! It was awesome being at such a place where God was lifted up and enthroned.Nice write up.


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