Christian Singer Freed From Prison - The Chicago Tribune
Gospel singer Helen Berhane, who belonged to a banned evangelical church in Eritrea, has been released after more than two years in detention. She was released in late October, according to a statement issued by Amnesty International. Berhane was arrested in May 2004. "She spent most of her detention in inhuman and degrading conditions inside a metal shipping container, which was used as a prison cell,” the statement said. The authorities reportedly tortured her many times to make her recant her faith. Give thanks to God Helen Berhane has been released at last. Ask our merciful Father to heal her mind and body as she continues to be a witness for Christ. Matthew 12:20, 21

New Attacks on Christians - VOM Canada

On October 23, a church worker and his family at Vineyard Community Church in Gonawela, Sri Lanka, were attacked by five men claiming to be police officers. According to a November 3rd report from the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEAL), the family was guarding the church building when five men approached at approximately midnight. The five men threatened the family, beat the man with clubs and aggressively shook a child. They also stole a woman's gold necklace, damaged the building's electricity supply and smashed pots and vases. The beaten man sustained serious injuries. A week later the church was again akttacked, this time by a group of 10 men. They unsuccessfully tried to set the building on fire. No one was injured in this attack. In another attack on October 30, the pastor of Calvary Chapel of Lanka in Polhena was accosted by a group of local men at approximately 9 a.m. Two or three men beat him while the others looked on. He has been hospitalized for arm injuries. Pray God will strengthen all who were attacked and they will be witnesses of Christ's love. Psalm 50:15

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