An important announcement from our friends at Voice of the Martyrs
Christian Beaten by Muslims for "Polluting" a Public Drinking Glass
Nasir Ashraf, a Christian stone mason, was brutally attacked by militant Muslims just outside Lahore.

While working on the construction of a room at a school near Manga Mandi in Pakistan, Nasir took a break after becoming thirsty. He drew water and drank from a glass chained to a cemented public water tank next to a mosque, which was reserved for "all" poor people. Returning to the construction site, a Muslim man asked him, "Why did you drink water from this glass since you are a Christian?" The man accused Nasir of polluting the glass. The Muslim man yanked the glass off the iron chain, broke it and threw it in a garbage can. The man summoned other militant Muslims to the scene, furiously saying, "This Christian polluted our glass." Hearing this, the incensed mob began beating Nasir, yelling that a Christian dog drank water from their glass.
The militant Muslims were encouraged bystanders to beat Nasir because it would be a "good" deed that would benefit them in heaven. The attackers pushed Nasir off a ledge onto the ground. The impact of the fall dislocated his shoulder and broke his collar bone in two places. This knocked Nasir unconscious and he did not regain his senses until he reached a clinic.
Nasir's father took him home and a VOM representative was alerted about the incident. VOMedical is helping with Nasir's medical treatment and is monitoring his recovery from the attack.
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  1. Just a note for you for always. The only war going on between Christians and muslims is a political one, perpetuated by overzealous Christian flock leaders. In reality, they are the only other religion that have heaven through Jesus! read the quran and be enlightened! God loves wisdom!


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