I saw this picture on the BBC News website and for some reason it just struck me. A picture can speak a thousand words.
The description....

Kenyan students performing at their national drama festival this year have adopted the battle against corruption as their theme.
At the moment the country is in the grip of twin corruption scandals known as Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing that have cost Kenyans millions of dollars.
The scams have rocked the government of President Mwai Kibaki and led to the resignation of three of his ministers.

my comments: Such events are good.I hope the future generations will learn that corruption doesn't pay in the end and our country will break the cycle. this is why it is better that democratic space has been opened up.


  1. Anonymous30/6/06 10:35

    i agree, i pray for the day kenyans will collectively value peace, integrity and truth.


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