As the IAEA meet this Thursday to discuss referral of Iran to the UN Security Council, I really hope they will take this with the urgency and seriosness it deserves. Iran is playing a very dangerous and high stakes game here and the international community must see this with the seriousness it deserves. Iran has said that if it is referred to the Security Council it will resort to industrial scale enrichment and block snap UN inspections.
I hope US, UK, EU, Russia and China will remain united on this issue. Iranian president, Ahmedinejad has openly declared war against Israel and documents have recently surfaced showing that Iran is interested in nuclear warheads. I hope the same mistake that was made prior to Hitlers assent is not repeated again. The Iranian president's remarks must be taken with the seriosness they deserve. Iran's intentions must be stopped immediately before we witness the nuclear war we are all dreading.
In any case Israel has categoricallly said it will not allow a nuclear Iran and thus either way the UN must take a decisive action. If they dont comply nothing less than military action must be implemented before they develop a weapon.


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