After dissin United States about their "fanatical, right wing" war on terror it seems France is now feeling the same effects of terrorism. And the thing is, its not even foreign terrorists as in 9-11, but home-grown extremists. I wonder what France's response will be now? Will they sit back and pretend that terrorism is not a worldwide phenomenon or will they wake up and join the rest of the sane world in cracking down on these people. I know a lot of the media has tried to be sensitive and cover the whole issue up by saying they are just rebelling against being marginalised in French society, but that is just hogwash! Those people are not exactly the poorest people on earth. If poverty was the issue,why aren't all Africans rising up against their respective governments as they are by far the poorest people on the planet. The plain truth is that this issue has been long forseen by those with their eyes wide open. Radical Islamists are trying to establish a foothold in Europe, and France is their frontline. Between 5 and 10% of France is now Muslim and their numbers are growing, their birth rates are highest among any group in France. These guys better wake up and know that the civilization wars have begun and the faster they do that the better. President Bush knows it and so do many others, the only question being how best to go about dealing with it and thats debatable.
These guys are not angry because they have not been integrated into French society, they are angry because they DO NOT want to integrate into French society and they want to make that point loud and clear for all to see, and surely the whole world is now seeing it. Wake up, people, remove your rose-tinted glasses, if we do not check the activities of radical Islam it will soon be too late for many.


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