President Bush this week nominated Harriet Miers for a postion as a Supreme Court Judge. Those on the right are already throwing up their hands wondering what Bush is up to in choosing a person who is not conservative enough. I think there is some overreaction here. Granted the courts are going to the dogs and the left are using it as their last holdout to influence American life but I dont think they have much to worry about with Miers. She is a born again Christian, and people who know her say she is principled. On the other hand it is not very easy to know how a judge will act after some years on the court. Many of the conservative judges in the past have turnesd out to be left leaning and President Rossevelt said his greatest mistake was one conservative judge he nominated who turned out to be a full lefty.
I just hope that these judges know that they have a duty to prevent a lot of the evil that the left wants to legalize in the US.


  1. Anonymous8/10/05 04:12

    A contrarian's view of the H1-B conundrum
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  2. Good riddance to bad rubbish!She was never much of a lawyer at least she didnt have the qualifications for the job.She did herself a favour by walking away!


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